Does the VANS website display your complete collection?

Our VANS Online Store displays a selection of the VANS collection.

Do you sell the same products in the VANS retail stores?

At VANS Retail Stores you may find the same products as on the VANS Online Store, but we recommend that you contact them directly.

Can i customize my VANS shoes?

Yes! You can design your own unique pair of shoes with Customs. Select a shape, colour or pattern and use the customs builder to create the ultimate VANS shoe.

How do i clean my VANS shoes?

The cleaning method depends on the material of the shoes. We recommend you use Nikwax, VANS' official cleaning and protection solution which can be bought at a VANS Retail store near you.

We’d advise against putting your shoes in the washing machine as it can lead to discolouration or colour bleeding, affecting the overall look of your VANS.

How do i clean my VANS apparel?

We suggest you to follow the care symbols that appear on the garment label.

Do you offer spare parts for the boa closure system?

We are unable to provide spare parts for the BOA closure system at the moment. However, BOA have some very helpful repair videos and PDFs on their website, along with a warranty and spare parts service.

Are the materials used in the manufacture of your products sustainably sourced?

From design to manufacturing, as a business, we make every effort to offer our customers ethical products, made in ways that put the environment first. Additionally, as practices change and evolve, we will continue to improve and create more sustainable and responsible products. Please check here to find out about VF’s sustainability initiatives.